System Integration Award 2020: Taiwan’s application of smart system integration in overseas markets

System Integration Award 2020: Taiwan's application of smart system integration in overseas markets ​

Taiwanese tech sector’s efforts continue to create progress in system integration. The country’s manufacturers and developers from various industries have been working together towards a mutual goal of becoming Asia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and providing support in the development of smart solutions. The System Integration Award 2020 aims to encourage Taiwanese industry players to offer smart […]

Outsourcing in Vietnam: Competitive Factors and Entrepreneurial Challenges

Outsourcing in Vietnam

The outsourcing industry in Vietnam has grown steadily for the past several years which is why outsourcing in Vietnam has become an attractive notion for businesses worldwide. The Vietnamese government has been vigorously promoting its international economic integration since becoming an APEC member in 1998 and WTO member in 2007. Aside from implementation of various […]

Nepali businesses demand alternative to restrictions as economy takes hit

Nepali businesses

The pandemic has hit small to large enterprises from various industries in Nepal. An estimate of about 90% of the small and medium enterprises — contributor of 22% of Nepal’s gross domestic product (GDP) — have remained close. Most recent government data showed that Nepal’s GDP saw a massive decrease in the 3rd quarter of […]

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