What Contact Center Services can be outsourced?

Provide better customer service with a contact center to offer support through various channels not limited to voice calls but also including web chat, emails, and social media.

Why do companies outsource

Businesses can access mission-critical IT solutions without the additional cost of internally managing infrastructure, systems, and staff.

Outsourcing in 2023

Outsourcing in 2023: 5 Best Countries

Outsourcing in 2023: 5 Best Countries  In 2023, five top outsourcing locations will offer tried-and-true solutions, along with several new regions that offer their own advantages and

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What are the different Contact Center outsourcing models


This refers to hiring a service provider of a contact center with agents based in the business’ home country or region.

From a business standpoint

Onshore contact centers may be the better option for businesses especially if you are catering to a local market. With this type of contact center, companies don’t have to worry about potential language barriers and cultural differences therefore ensuring the ideal customer experience.


Work with a team who speaks the same language and shares the same culture as your customers

Faster implementation and efficient coordination with the service provider working in the same country and timezone

it solutions

Lower costs versus setting up an in-house contact center


This refers to hiring a service provider of a contact center with agents based in a territory close to business’ home country or region not only in terms of geography but also of language spoken and culture.

From a business standpoint

With nearshore contact centers, businesses can achieve more cost-savings because of the lower labor costs compared to domestic service providers. Moreover, similarities between the language and culture can still be expected.


Work with a team who is familiar with the customer's language and culture

Easy management since the contact center is still within a close proximity

it solutions

Lower costs compared to onshore contact centers


This refers to hiring a service provider of a contact center with agents based in a foreign country in another region. Businesses usually opt for this outsourcing model to get the most cost-savings.

From a business standpoint

Offshore outsourcing can offer more options for lower cost service providers. Service providers with contact centers also have agents who are bilingual and can speak fluent English. Having an offshore contact center also allows the added advantage of providing 24/7 customer support.


Reduce labor and overhead costs significantly

Less management of customer service function and more focus on core business

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Advantage of 24/7 support because of the timezone difference

Managed Services

This is for businesses with in-house contact centers but prefer to outsource the manpower management to a third-party. The service provider handles from recruitment to training, among others.

From a business standpoint

Businesses that want more control over their customer service may choose to get managed services from a third party. This applies for companies who want to ensure the security of their systems while still reducing the cost and time spent on managing an in-house team. This allows the business to still focus on the core functions while providing good customer experience.


Ensure the security of the customer service systems and processes

Focus on the core business while a third party handles the management of the contact center

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Closely monitor the contact center activities and quality assurance

Where to outsource Contact Center

Asia has numerous outsourcing destinations that offer businesses with quality services, highly-skilled talent, and competitive rates.

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