What IT Services can be outsourced?

Employ third party experts and specialists for business IT requirements from development, to technical support, to infrastructure management, and more.

Why do companies outsource

Businesses can access mission-critical IT solutions without the additional cost of internally managing infrastructure, systems, and staff.

IT Outsourcing Trends in 2023

IT Outsourcing Trends in 2023

Outsourcing IT services includes planning, installing, maintaining, and replacing IT equipment within a company’s IT infrastructure. In addition to on-site and help desk support, contracted IT

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Which IT services can be outsourced

Website Development

This involves designing, building, and maintaining websites. Web developers and web designers are equipped to do design, publishing, programming, and database management of websites.

From a business standpoint

Practically every business needs a website to put their brand on the map, but not all have the skills or manpower to develop one. Outsourcing website development provides access to the expertise and technology necessary to launch an effective and optimized website.


Leverage the latest knowledge, expertise, and technologies for high quality output.

Access to other support talent aside from developers, such as project managers and content writers.

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Focus allows working within a timeline and launching the website faster.


This refers to using a service provider’s platform and data center to store websites, applications, files, and more, which can be accessed via the Internet and the Cloud.

From a business standpoint

Today, having websites and applications including files and content that are accessible online is a business necessity. However, investing in an in-house server and data center entails costs, time, and expertise. Companies can leverage hosting services to put websites, applications, and more on the cloud without building and managing their own data centers.


Guaranteed uptime and better performance and security for your websites and applications.

Gain flexibility with a service provider that can offer customization based on business requirements.

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Avoid spending to purchase servers and maintaining and housing your own equipment.

Software & Application Development

This refers to the creation of software programs or applications to address specific business objectives or processes. Software and application development consists of various stages that require skills in coding, programming, and other advanced technical knowledge.

From a business standpoint

Developing your own software or application is ideal versus buying or subscribing to one that’s already built, especially if customization is required to meet specific business needs. Outsourcing software and application development is a practical choice versus trying to do it yourself by hiring in-house developers. Outsourcing gives you access to quality professionals and the latest technologies which may be equally costly if you purchase on your own.


Leverage the third-party's technical expertise and development methods.

Enable your internal tech team to focus on core business-critical functions.

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Ensure the quality of the software or application designed for your business.

Website & Application Management & Maintenance

This involves the regular maintenance of a website or application to ensure that it is kept secure, updated, and optimized.

From a business standpoint

The regular management and maintenance of a website or application, while it’s necessary, can be time-consuming. Outsourcing this function can free up your internal technical team so they can focus on core business functions while ensuring that your website or application is running smoothly.


Employing a dedicated team at lower costs.

Leverage professional expertise of the service provider.

it solutions

Ensure the security and optimal user experience of the website or application.

Technical Support

A dedicated team of specialists from the service provider provides assistance and maintain computer systems and hardware of the company. Technical support includes installation, configuration, and updates of hardware and software of the business as well as addressing equipment issues.

From a business standpoint

Outsourcing technical support is especially advantageous for large companies and organizations. Having a dedicated outsourcing partner to ensure that all hardware and software are working efficiently is critically important to ensuring that the business operations are unhampered. It is necessary to have a technical support team always available and ready to address any issues promptly.


Expense savings by not needing to purchase additional office space or equipment.

Support of an experienced and well trained technical support team.

it solutions

Year round and around the clock support depending on agreement with service provider.

Database Development & Management

This involves the creation and implementation of programs for computer databases. It includes the designing of the system, testing, and documentation.

From a business standpoint

Database development and management is critically important for businesses with large and growing amounts of data. This requires a specific skillset and outsourcing helps a business tap the right talent who can perform the role professionally, securely and effectively.


Focus on core projects while an expert team handles your business databases.

Ensure that database systems function properly for the business.

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Maintain the security and uptime of the database system.


This refers to the hardware, software, and network required for the exchange of information across a company. It is also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

From a business standpoint

Building your own infrastructure can entail a huge capital expense. Outsourcing infrastructure offers significant savings, allowing businesses to only pay for what they need – whether its a server, storage, or networking hardware. Additionally, the company is free from the hassle and expense of maintenance as that is handled by the service provider.


Fast deployment of required infrastructure.

Customized and scaled to match your business needs.

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Optimization and maintenance handled by service provider.

Where to outsource IT Services

Asia has numerous outsourcing destinations that offer businesses with quality services, highly-skilled talent, and competitive rates.

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