Which Admin & Back Office Support can be outsourced?

Partner with a dedicated team to handle important administrative tasks and support functions without the need to invest in recruitment, training, and additional office space.

Why do companies outsource

Businesses can access mission-critical IT solutions without the additional cost of internally managing infrastructure, systems, and staff.

IT Outsourcing Trends in 2023

IT Outsourcing Trends in 2023

Outsourcing IT services includes planning, installing, maintaining, and replacing IT equipment within a company’s IT infrastructure. In addition to on-site and help desk support, contracted IT

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What are typical Admin and Back Office Support services

Data Management

This function involves data entry, data processing, data mining, and data cleansing to ensure accurate and up-to-date business data.

From a business standpoint

Businesses, big or small, that handle large amounts of data can employ a service provider to handle data management. Since this function can be very time-consuming, outsourcing allows a company’s in-house team to focus on core business tasks.


Focus time and resources on core business functions

Avoid data inaccuracies and losses

it solutions

Gain access to expertise and data management tools

Recruitment and Hiring

The service involves identifying the role requirements, advertising job vacancies, screening and selection, and onboarding new employees.

From a business standpoint

Recruiting and hiring employees entail time and money. Employing an experienced outsourcing partner to focus on this activity can help a business save on costs and fill vacancies efficiently with the right candidates.


Attract the highly-qualified candidates with a recruitment process done right

Reduce turnover with interview and screening handled expertly

it solutions

Lower expense vs. doing in-house recruitment and hiring

Payroll Administration

This refers to the managing and organizing the compensation of employees, including tax deductions, benefits, allowances, among others.

From a business standpoint

Outsourcing payroll administration saves time, money, and compliance headaches. A service provider with expertise in this essential function has the experience and technology needed to ensure the process is executed perfectly.


Access to latest tools also means improved data security

Avoid mistakes and penalties due to non-compliance

it solutions

Save time and money of hiring an in-house team, investing on tools, or dealing with penalties

Forms Processing

This refers to capturing information and converting it into a digital format for efficient and effective record-keeping.

From a business standpoint

Businesses can choose to outsource this time-consuming function to a service provider with the talent to process forms with accuracy and speed. Doing so allows the company to focus on its core-business.


Automatically convert information to electronic format for easier navigation and storage

Increase team productivity and focus

it solutions

Save space and storage both physical and cloud-based

Where to outsource Admin Back Office Support

Asia has numerous outsourcing destinations that offer businesses with quality services, highly-skilled talent, and competitive rates.

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