Cambodia has 15th Highest IQ in the World

Cambodia has 15th Highest IQ in the World 

In most cases, IQ scores reflect the quality of education and resources available in a given region. Countries with lower IQ scores tend to be poorer and less developed, particularly in the area of education, than countries with higher IQ scores. Researchers also use IQ to determine the smartest countries in the world.  

What Is The Country With The Highest Average IQ? 

The Ulster Institute’s Richard Lynn and David Becker found that Japanese have the highest average IQ scores worldwide, followed by Taiwanese and Singaporeans. Here are the top ten: 

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Average IQ – Ulster Institute 2019:* 

  1. Japan – 106.49 
  2. Taiwan – 106.47 
  3. Singapore – 105.89 
  4. Hong Kong (China) – 105.37 
  5. China – 104.10 
  6. South Korea – 102.35 
  7. Belarus – 101.60 
  8. Finland – 101.20 
  9. Liechtenstein – 101.07 
  10. Netherlands & Germany (tie) – 100.74 

A more recent study was completed in 2023.

World Population Review, an independent organization based in California, ranked Cambodia 15th out of 199 nations for average IQ, placing it second behind Singapore in Southeast Asia. 

Cambodians have an average IQ of 99.75 in 2023. The highest average is 106.48 in Japan, followed by 106.48 in Taiwan. The country ranks third in the world and first in Southeast Asia. 

Among the countries reviewed, Cambodia ranked one place ahead of Canada and several places ahead of the UK, US, and France. Macau, China, and Belarus all ranked higher than the Kingdom. 

Meanwhile, India scored an average IQ of 82, among the lowest in the world. Nepal ranked at the very bottom of the list with an average IQ of 42.99. 

As Ros Soveacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, pointed out, every nation in the world has a different IQ level. Ranks are based on research methods and accumulated data. 

To achieve solidarity and achieve the nation’s vision, every nation needs people with all kinds of IQs. Additionally to IQ, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, and other levels of intelligence should be considered. 

IQ scores typically reflect education quality and resources available to people, according to the World Population Review. In comparison with countries with higher IQ scores, areas with lower IQ scores are typically poorer and less developed, especially in education. 

Mao Sreng, director of both IDP Education (Cambodia) and Australian Centre for Education (ACE), agreed that people’s intelligence and knowledge are directly related to their education and resources. 

However, he noted that the sources used to determine the World Population Review’s rankings were vague and contested by other scholars. 

How Important Is Intelligence In Outsourcing? 

Cultural intelligence plays a huge role in international business ventures such as offshoring. The recent movement toward global delivery models in offshoring ventures makes choosing a country with a high IQ a sound strategy. 

Before hiring an offshore team, you may conduct cognitive tests, among other requirements. IQ tests measure logic, mathematical reasoning, quick thinking, basic general knowledge, and reading comprehension. It has been shown that these tests are reliable and easy to administer, but they can also skew results based on a person’s gender or race – a phenomenon known as stereotype threat. Additionally, it is important to understand the cultural background of the person taking the test – what may seem obvious to you may not seem obvious to someone else. 

Working with a country that has a high IQ as well as high cultural intelligence can ensure your long-term outsourcing success. 

As shown by the studies, Cambodia has proven to be a worthy offshoring partner. 

Congratulations, Cambodia and all the other countries who performed well In the international IQ ranking! 


In order to remain competitive, businesses must keep up with the fast-paced outsourcing industry. Your business will be affected by these trends both now and in the future.   

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