Financial Excellence: Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Functions for Improved Efficiency 

Even if everything seems to be operating perfectly, you know there is always room for improvement in your company. There could be a three-day overrun on a project. As a business owner, you can make a difference by knowing how to address the different sorts of efficiency difficulties you face. 

What is Efficiency? 

Efficiency refers to how productively a company creates goods and services in relation to the resources expended. In simple words, it measures how efficiently an organization uses labor, capital and materials to create revenue.  

Companies that maximize their efficiency can turn inputs like employees, supplies, and money into outputs like goods and services that bring in profit. 

What is Outsourced Finance and Accounting? 

The term “outsourced finance and accounting” (F&A) refers to the practice of handing over an organization’s financial management to an outside entity. Accounting is an essential function for any company, yet it is rarely the company’s top priority. You can put your time and energy into running and expanding your business rather than tedious financial and accounting activities if you outsource them.  

Some of the most often contracted-out F&A tasks include Payroll, Processing Employee Expenses, Fiscal Preparation, Documentation, And Reporting, Planning And Budgeting, Expense Reporting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Balance Sheet Reconciling, Debt Management, Processing, and many more.  

As a result of the advantages it provides, 37% of small businesses use accounting outsourcing services.  

How Does Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Functions Improve Efficiency? 

  1. Cost savings is the primary motivation for any type of outsourcing. 

In the United States, an accountant can expect to make a median annual pay of around $64,000. It is possible to save around $24,000 annually by outsourcing the same service, which is a savings of 62% without sacrificing quality. The reduced cost of labor in offshore areas is what makes for such low costs. You can avoid spending money on things like employee benefits, building upkeep, and taxes by contracting out work to places like the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.  

  1. Contracting Out Finance and Accounting makes business more scalable.

Finance and accounting outsourcing allows for individualized and scalable service. Having a group of accountants on your side can be helpful if you run a sizable business. However, if your business is still in its infancy, you can cut costs by outsourcing some tasks. Say goodbye to spending money on hiring and training new employees, and hello to significant savings.  

  1. You can save time and boost productivity by outsourcing your F&A needs.  

Accounting, human resources, and information technology (ICT) outsourcing frees up management time and resources to concentrate on growing the firm and enhancing day-to-day operations. Spending money on tedious tasks like payroll and budgeting is a waste of time that could be put to better use in developing new revenue streams. 

  1. When you outsource F&A, you gain access to cutting-edge hardware and software.

If you work with a service provider, you can make use of cloud-based procedures, technologies, and software innovations like automated accounting software to streamline your financial and administrative processes.   

Number-crunching in the accounting profession has been completely transformed by automation tools. In addition to being a time-saver, the reduced possibility of human error and theft from within the company makes this a risk-mitigation strategy as well. Moreover, this program generates real-time information that might help you spot and solve potential problems ASAP. 

  1. Outsourcing F&A helps lessen risks.

Financial and accounting services can be outsourced to reduce the risk of theft by trusted workers, in addition to the benefits of less human error due to automated technologies. Theft by employees is a common problem for small firms. University of Cincinnati researchers found that 64 percent of workers steal from their employers.  

To ensure that your finances are in order, you need have an outside team of accountants perform an audit. Your business will be safe from dishonest employees thanks to this.   

  1. Outsourcing Finance & Accounting allows you to gain access to key expertise.

When you outsource, you save time and money by not having to invest in employee training. Instead, you might hire finance and accounting pros that are equally adept at handling straightforward assignments and complex projects. Hiring a third party guarantees timely and accurate payroll and bookkeeping. The extra time at your disposal could be used to streamline laborious accounting procedures. 

  1. Contracting-Out the Finance and Accounting Team Can Help You Gain Access to Cutting-Edge Tech

Outsourcing firms typically use cloud-based software that provides 24/7 electronic access to business records like financial records. This provides you with complete transparency into your financial information, allowing you to make educated choices about your money.  

Plus, there’s no need to give up valuable storage space by moving all your financial records to the cloud. This is especially helpful for newer, smaller businesses. Since there is no longer a need to print out all financial information, online record keeping is also good for the environment. In addition to financial savings, you’ll also be reducing your environmental impact by using less paper and printer toner. 

It would be foolish to understate the difficulty of handling finance and accounting in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world. Whether you’re a fledgling business struggling with the fundamentals of bookkeeping and payroll or a well-established company facing the complexities of financial planning, compliance, and reporting, you know how important and difficult it is to get these tasks right. If you’re looking to reduce internal stress without breaking the bank, consider outsourcing. The added knowledge and skill it provides can turn your finance department into a valuable strategic tool. 

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