Reflecting on the Year 2023’s Key Outsourcing Insights 

As the year 2023 draws to a close, business owners find themselves at a crossroads, reflecting on the pivotal role outsourcing has played in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of global markets and technological advancements. This article delves into the revolutionary trends and important insights that will affect the outsourcing sector in 2023, giving company leaders a complete picture to inform their future strategic decisions. 

How Outsourcing Changed in 2023 

Significant changes occurred in the outsourcing market in 2023, owing to a constant chase of talent, technical breakthroughs, and an increased reliance on third-party models improved by artificial intelligence (AI) and data insights. According to Deloitte’s most recent survey, talent acquisition has emerged as the top internal concern for 50% of executives, prompting firms to seek outsourced solutions to solve skill gaps and support growth. 

What Trends Shaped Outsourcing in 2023? 

  1. Increased Concerns and Budget Allocations

Executives faced unprecedented hurdles, with 62% citing a lack of preparedness to confront poor employee retention. Despite these reservations, 32% of executives budgeted for traditional outsourcing, highlighting the increased demand for specialized personnel and knowledge in technology and transformation. 

  1. Top Priority: Cybersecurity

Outsourcing providers played a critical role in delivering secure and efficient solutions, with 81% of executives naming cybersecurity as their major external problem. According to the poll, 96% of respondents rely on outsourcing providers to create data and analytic capabilities, highlighting their critical role in tackling emerging security concerns. 

2023 Key Outsourcing Insights 

  1. Outsourcing Motivations

According to a December 2022 Clutch survey, amid economic uncertainty, 83% of small firms projected to continue or grow their spending on outsourced business services in 2023. The top reasons for outsourcing were cost savings and the ability to use industry expertise, with 52% consistently relying on professional outsourcing providers for their structured approach and safety. 

  1. Growth of the Global Outsourcing Industry

The outsourcing industry’s stratospheric rise continued, with global spending estimated to reach $731 billion in 2023. IT outsourcing spending increased by 22% to $519 billion, while Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) spending increased by 19% to $212 billion. The Philippines stood out as a pioneer, annually contributing over 1 million workers to the outsourcing business. 

  1. Service Sector Highlight

Marketing (27%), IT services (22%), and design (21%), among other corporate functions and industries, proved more open to outsourcing in 2023. Notably, 83% of IT leaders considered outsourcing their security operations, indicating a growing trend of delegating key functions to third-party partners. 


  1. Global Connectivity and Opportunity

Businesses took advantage of global outsourcing prospects in an era of remote employment. The Asia-Pacific region dominated the Global Services Location Index, particularly nations such as India, China, and the Philippines. Businesses have found success in collaborating with offshore suppliers, using excellent connections and a varied talent pool. 


Moving Forward: Outsourcing in 2024 

  1. Onshore Cost Increase

Expect sustained increases in outsourcing costs in the United States until 2023, with wage rates playing a substantial role. To attract and retain talent in the face of staffing constraints, forward-thinking BPOs are investing in digital and social recruiting, aiming for a “best-place-to-work” culture. 

  1. Nearshore and Offshore Development

With rising prices in the United States, businesses are likely to embrace nearshore and offshore call centers to save money and get access to talent. The Philippines is expected to retain its position as the leading offshore location for English-language BPO services. 

  1. Geographical Diversification

In 2023, brands will look for new BPO outsourcing markets to de-risk and diversify into regions with readily available, competent people. In the face of economic uncertainty, diversification becomes critical for preserving a competitive advantage. 

  1. Social Impact Outsourcing

The rising emphasis on social and purpose-driven outsourcing will be a notable trend in 2023. Impact sourcing, which aims to hire people from disadvantaged backgrounds, is gaining popularity. This socially conscious approach not only improves lives, but also has a favorable impact on performance and service delivery. 

  1. Recessionary Concerns

While economic fears loom, the BPO industry has historically proven to be resilient. Companies may turn to outsourcing as a cost-cutting tactic, and staffing concerns may improve if the unemployment rate rises, resulting in higher demand for call center personnel. 

  1. Cost Containment

Cost pressures on nearshore and offshore BPOs are likely to endure in 2023. Brands should proceed with caution during cost discussions, acknowledging the necessity of fair remuneration in ensuring high-quality service delivery. 

  1. Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Outsourcing demand is expected to remain robust in 2023, owing to factors such as personnel shortages, cost considerations, and contingency planning. Brands may increasingly prefer outsourcing versus insourcing, with BPOs providing migration incentives to ease the process. 

  1. Return to Call Centers

While remote work remains popular, there is an increasing tendency in some industries toward in-center hiring. Brands are investigating a hybrid approach in which agents work both remotely and in physical facilities, motivated by concerns about agent retention and effectiveness. 



As business leaders reflect on the outsourcing landscape in 2023, it is clear that the progress of the industry is inextricably linked to global economic shifts, technology advancements, and the desire of top-tier talent. As we approach 2024, strategic decisions about outsourcing partnerships will continue to determine the competitive edge of organizations in a variety of industries. In the coming years, embracing trends, diversification, and a socially responsible attitude will be critical in navigating the dynamic outsourcing market. 

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